Harpreet again - recap from 2018

Harpreet again - recap from 2018
Photo by Vladislav Klapin / Unsplash

Hello again my friends - let's introduce ourselves again. You are getting this email because you subscribed to hear from me.

"Subscribe to hear from you. When did I do that?" I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first thought that comes to you. You likely did that in the 2018 time frame - this is where I was actively blogging.

So why haven't you heard from me in the last four years?

First, software got in the way. Second, life got in the way.

Let me delve into both.

Software got in the way I was using Wordpress as my blogging platform and Mailchimp to send my emails out. Both are good platforms intended for their purpose but both are showing their age. Getting them to work together isn't seamless. So here I was, writing a blog, uploading images into the clunky Wordpress interface and then copying some of the content over into a Mailchimp template and sending an email over. Painful enough where I felt disincentivized to send blogs/email over to people unless I had written a few of them at which point it became more painful to send them out.

A few months back, I found ghost, a new platform that is built around the use case of writing short blogs and sending them to your subscribers in one click. I moved away from Mailchimp+Wordpress and am ready to give this a try.

Life got in the way I started blogging actively when I stepped away from CloudBees but that lasted a very small time - a month and a half to be precise. I soon jumped in as Entrepreneur in Residence at Matrix Ventures, moved to Atlassian for a year and a half, started my own company Launchable Inc where I raised a couple of rounds from venture funds (Battery, Unusual and 645Ventures).

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to start my own tech firm from ground zero. This is actually round #2 with CloudBees as my prior experience. I guess, I really love the enterpreneurial journey.

Pre-covid, I traveled a bunch too - Maui & Oahu in Hawaii, Istanbul in Turkey, Athens, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece. I hiked up to Everest Base Camp in Nepal too (something I am quite proud of).

I have been writing a bunch too but mostly company internal documents and company blog. Here are a few blogs that I wrote for my personal that might be worth reading:

You can find others on harpreet.io.

Well that's that for today. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am going try to keep posting blogs but if I don't the likeliest excuse is that I am building a startup :-).