Lessons in living and loving fully

Spock: Contemplating life

I have chased awakening for a good twenty six years of my life. Spock was with me for half of them. I awakened while contemplating the question "who is this person who is grieving" on his passing. Thus, my awakening is his gift to me.

Spock demonstrated living an awakened, and a happy life to me day in and day out. My search pursuing meditation, philosophy and religions was pointless. If only I had paid attention to how he lived, I would have reached happiness years earlier.

This book (work in progress) lists the thirteen lessons I learned from him in three areas of life. Each lesson is for every year of Spock's life.

My hope is that these lessons offer a soothing balm for people who are stressed, anxious, and searching for happiness.

Join me on my journey as I write these lessons out.


  1. My search for happiness
  2. On Happiness
  3. On Spock

Theme 1: Cultivating Inner Joy

  1. Curiosity
  2. Embracing silence
  3. Finding joy in simple pleasures
  4. Embracing fun and play
  5. Living in the now

Theme 2: Building meaningful relationships

  1. Living Authentically
  2. Empathy, compassion, and forgiveness
  3. Relationships and friendships
  4. Unconditional love

Theme 3: Embracing life's journey

  1. Enjoying life
  2. Embracing change, and being adaptable
  3. Embrace Adventure
  4. Living, the ultimate purpose

Titles under consideration

  1. Pawsitive Living: Lessons in Happiness from My Dog, Spock
  2. Unleashed Joy: Happiness within—wisdom from my dog
  3. Lessons in Living and Loving fully. Wisdom from my dog

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