Clarifying your value proposition

Clarifying your value proposition
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Pitch to someone outside your domain to get a new perspective

I had the opportunity to engage with a host from outside the software development world during a recent podcast.

My podcast host had prepped on my website, and he had honed in on the value proposition. “80% of your tests are pointless: Launchable's ML can predict which tests will fail.”

Somewhere along the conversation, the interviewer and I realized a gap in our communication language.

My company was too technical for this audience. Communicating in my usual pitch would be challenging, especially regarding future-looking items.

So I had to step back, try to draw analogies, and make the conversation simple.

I walked away, thinking that I lost the host.

A few days later, the podcast landed, and it was titled:

“Unlock the secret to proactive software development with Harpreet.”

I had never thought of us as making developers “proactive,” but when I thought about it, it is precisely what we have been doing. We are enabling engineering teams to ask: "Can we get ahead of problems created in our code base? Can we not be reactive to test failures?"

This podcast has taught me to talk to people outside my immediate domain. You must resort to something simpler when talking to someone who doesn’t understand your language.

Perhaps that will unlock some magic, and you will gain a new perspective and a new lens through which to view yourself.

I invite you to listen in.

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