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Thoughtless, Mindless, Spiritless, Forceless Manifestation Notes

My notes from Richard Dotts book.


Use the universe to manifest things in life.

  1. Become mindless, thoughtless, and spiritless. This is to remove the effects of the conditioned mind.
  2. Clear your mind by connecting to #no-mind. There is a feeling of emptiness when you connect to the #no-mind.
  3. Realize that you are an infinite being that is beyond time. The issues in your life are not you, they are separate from you
  4. Finally, graduate by dropping thinking about the #no-mind, and connecting to awareness. You no longer have to do any work because awareness is infinite. Go to beingness (stateless state of being, unlimited by space and time)

The difference between no-mind and awareness. Everything that the mind cannot accept is #no-mind. He calls the infinite, beyond space and time as #awareness.

The definition of #no-mind is fuzzy and loosely corresponds to #awareness

Inner realizations crucial for manifestations

The most critical factor for manifestations is inner realization. The next aspect is seeing the results in the outer world. So often, the highest impact in manifesting things in the external world comes from the subtlest of overlooked intentions. Chapter 1, Richard Dotts

Beliefs have to be believable to manifest

I struggled to progress toward enlightenment, and it wasn't until I realized that my belief that "Enlightenment is hard" was the obstacle. Replacing the belief with "I am enlightened" was a non-starter because it was inauthentic to my system. Thus, I had to replace the "Enlightenment is hard" belief with something genuine and authentic. That new belief was "Enlightenment is available to me now." The new belief was authentic because I had a corresponding practice that let me touch this state, and even the briefest of exposure was good enough for my system to buy into the belief.

Today, I am enlightened, and this manifestation was made possible by a journey that started with an inner realization that my belief was holding me back.

Thoughts are a roadblock for manifestations

Thoughts are the key to manifestations is a commonly held belief in popular culture. The line of thinking posits that thoughts have a charge responsible for attracting things from the universe. Thus, people try hard to think only positive thoughts while actively fighting any negative thoughts from arising.

The line of thinking is a path of failure for manifesting.

There isn't any research that indicates that thoughts have a "magnetic" charge.

Controlling negative thoughts is a losing battle because the mind focuses on things you don't want to think about. For example, "Don't think of an elephant" will make the mind concentrate on an elephant which is frustrating.

Another reason controlling negative thoughts is a losing battle is that the fundamental nature of the mind is anxiety or fear-based. Why is the mind anxiety-based? Our thoughts come from our past beliefs and experiences, most of which have been negative. Our subconscious mind has evolved through millennia, using fear to protect ourselves. Having a healthy fear of our surroundings was important as our species evolved. Some animal would likely eat you if your fear didn't bring you back to your cave every night.

Unfortunately, these anxieties and fear get in the way of manifestations.

Manifestations come from awareness, accessible when we set our minds aside and go to a place of "no mind." Therefore, an essential realization for manifestations is that we are not our minds.

Thus, becoming thoughtless is crucial to manifesting.

Types of thinking

The mind is useful in two types of thinking:

  • Solving logical, rational problems
  • Making decisions

Anything beyond these two types of thinking is chatter. The chatter includes regret about the past, worries about the future, and more. One should strive to dissolve our thoughts because most thoughts in our mind are chatter. These thoughts are playing on our screen of #awareness [[Z - Screen of Awareness]] and when we stop paying attention to a thought, everything about the thought ends there.

If thoughts are like an electric current, one should become a look a good conductor of electricity and let these thoughts pass through without causing any significant imprints.

The only kind of thinking you want to engage in is functional or creative thinking. Creative thinking is using your thoughts productively to decide what you want. After this initial step of setting your intentions is done, it is time to leave the rest of the process up to the Universe. The work of your thinking mind has officially ended, and it is no longer needed.
Chapter 3 - Dissolving Thoughts,

The key to manifestation is to reach #no-mind or the #turiya. Once the mind has been used to setup the intention, communicate the intention to the universe with #no-mind and leave it up to the universe to manifest it.

Techniques to dissolve thoughts

One should strive to dissolve our thoughts because most thoughts in our mind are chatter (see more [[Z - Types of thinking]]). These thoughts are playing on our screen of #awareness [[Z - Screen of Awareness]] and when we stop paying attention to a thought, everything about the thought ends there.

Mental approach: Being aware of being aware

The following three-step process helps dissolve thoughts.

  1. Recognize often that you are not your thoughts, they represent concepts but they are not you.
  2. Recognize that your mind is a bundle of thoughts, and thus the mind is not you.
  3. Finally, shift the attention to awareness and pay attention to who is being aware.

[[Book - Being aware of being aware]]

Physical approaches

Create a log for projects. Log the thinking, progress made, remaining open items, and next steps. Your mind is now freed and doesn't need to ruminate or chew on the information. The writing also shows the progress made, seeing the thinking and action on paper is a satisfying feeling. The net result is that our mind isn't rethinking issues.

Becoming mindless by shifting to awareness

The mind is a collection of thoughts. These collections of thoughts pull and pushes. The thrashing isn't conducive to manifestation. Become mindless, building upon the previous Lego block of becoming thoughtless [[Z - Thoughts are a roadblock for manifestations]] with recipes from [[Z - Techniques to dissolve thoughts]]. The intent is to shift and then establish oneself in awareness.

Even visualizations are limiting because they involve the mind. You decide what you want to manifest and then you transcend the mind by becoming aware of being aware [[Book - Being aware of being aware]]. Withdraw from all positive or negative thoughts about the situation and focus on awareness.

If there is an unwanted condition, identify the issue, turn into an intention of what is wanted, and offer it to awareness. If there is a complicated issue, collapse the entire situation to thoughtlessness and mindlessness and offer it to awareness. Shifting to awareness brings peace to the situation.

Disengaging from the past or future

The reason people want to manifest is to change something undesirable or move to something better. We tend to focus on the undesirable and consequently continue to manifest it unknowingly.

Collapsing the past protocol

Label all the negative cumulative events, and emotions of the past as "past", collapse it using the word "collapse" and offer it to #no-mind. You can take a step forward and collapse multiple lifetimes. The wisdom of #no-mind does what's required to dissolve the negative influences of the past. This if usually accompanied by a physical relieft.

Collapsing the future protocol

Label all the confusing, future events with the word "future" and follow the "collapsing the future protocol". Take this a step further to the "near", "mid-term" and "long term" future.

The above protocols should be applied a few seconds each time.

For unwanted situations

These protocols can be applied to anything unwanted. Think about the situation but don't label it, offer the negative emotions to #no-mind. The signature that the protocol is taking effect is that you are no longer bothered by the situation. An outer resolution will take time but rest assured it will take care of itself without your intervention.

Becoming spiritless

Stop seeing yourself as a limited human being and learn to view yourself as an infinite awareness. When you view yourself as infinite awareness, nothing is out of reach. Dotts names this state as being spiritless. Stay in spiritlessness for longer and longer periods every day.

The internalization of being infinite, accompanied by remaining in the state of infinite helps you manifest better.

There are two signs that one has merged with pure awareness, one is the innate sense of peace and fulfillment, and another sign is that one becomes empty of thoughts, and emotions about the issues. Becoming spiritless is a matter of practice, the longer and more frequently you practice, the easier it is to reach awareness and tap into the universal intelligence to guide you.

Actions become spontaneous and are driven by the universe when the conditioned mind moves out of the way.

Apply no force of being forceless

Manifestation doesn't require effort or force. Renounce any forcefulness or insistence on making things happen. Bringing in mind, and emotions (even positive ones) should be considered using force.

Recognizing force

This effort feels different than when you are putting effort into creating something beautiful (e.g., a work of art). If you encounter resistance, it signals you are working against the current. An example is the effort of paddling a boat upstream versus downstream [[Z - Lesson from Daisen-in - Go with the flow]].

Giving up on force or being forceless

You need to go back to awareness and touch the void so that you give up on force. Become thoughtless, mindless and spiritless as you go back to the void. Once you get in touch with awareness, ideas, and concepts come in, which you can then act on.

Drop all issues and worries, and don't give them in space in the foreground or the background. Stop constantly planning, and worrying about things that can happen next. Stop preparing from a fearful state because you think something will go wrong.

When you observe circumstances that you desire to change, first become thoughtless, mindless, and speechless about the situation to yourself. When you withdraw your attention and return to your own inner void, that is where all the answers reside. — location
Dotts, Richard. Thoughtless Mindless Spiritless Forceless Manifestations (p. 47). Kindle Edition.

Protocol for forceless, spontaneous actions

  1. Use #no-mind to dissolve ideas about the role of physical actions in #manifestation s. Link #no-mind to actions by thinking of actions and giving them to #no-mind
  2. Think of the concept of right action, and link it to #no-mind. This implies that we may not know the right action at the moment, but we can trust the universe to guide us there.
Think about a project that you have been wanting to complete but has been filled with obstacles, or about something you have had trouble getting started or getting completed. Notice the inner inertia or resistance that comes up. Collapse all of that by representing it with the word “force” or “effort,” and then immediately dissolve it with NOT-MIND. Do this repeatedly for a few seconds each time, more strongly connecting force or effort to NOT-MIND.
For the next few days, continue to dissolve the force and effort associated with the task. Then identify the smallest possible action step you can take and see if there is any force or effort associated with it. Do the same thing if there is the slightest sense of inner resistance or inertia. Apply and connect NOT-MIND to the resistance or effort associated with this smallest first step. You will find this makes it way easier to spontaneously take action on the first step, followed by the next, and so on. You could find yourself completing this seemingly difficult task in much less time than your mind imagined. — location
“The same power that causes mangoes to grow on mango trees, that causes apples to grow on apple trees, that makes the sun rise and the sunset, that gives just enough warmth to the earth to sustain human life, that power knows how to take care of you.
Robert Adams

Becoming forceless and fearless

Being forceless, and fearless requires the following things:

  1. Realization that you are not your body.
  2. You are awareness having a body experience. You can manifest anything because you are infinite.
  3. Stop constantly monitoring what the universe is doing
  4. Set the intention once and the universe sets things in motion. Realize that the mind has a hard time accepting the truth because it seems so easy

Converting force to forcelessness

Get away from the mind because the following limitations cause hurdles

  1. Mind thinks in terms of relative size. This is problematic because #no-mind is infinite, and doesn't care about limitations.
  2. Mind thinks about time lengths for manifestations. Time doesn't exist in #no-mind