Product interview for Issue Triage

Product interview for Issue Triage
Photo by Cody Engel / Unsplash

Reaching out to my developer and quality engineering friends.

At Launchable, I am working on a problem typically called "Issue or Bug Triaging".
The phase in software delivery where the code has been pushed and testing (typically post-merge) has uncovered a bunch of issues. Now, begins the challenge of figuring out what these issues mean, which ones are blocking the release, who is responsible for fixing it etc. I think of this work as the chaos that happens before the release and often before tickets get filed in Jira. Most of this work is manual, and Launchable is aiming to help here.

I want to talk to people who (or their teams) are facing these challenges day in and out. This is a product interview session for 60 minutes, where you help to guide me to build solutions to problems that impact you the most.

I am happy to give a gift card of $50 as a token of appreciation. If interested fill the form and I will reach out to you and schedule a conversation.