Step up and lead. It is expected.

Step up and lead. It is expected.

Today, I met an ex-colleague piqued with his current organization. He asked me for input to navigate his environment since I understand its ebbs and flows.

My analysis…

He is waiting for someone to give him permission to offer his perspectives. He has opinions but he is holding them back. He is uncomfortable because he lacks the rapport with his peers and leaders.

I often see this pattern and I do my best to discourage it.

I don’t expect my team to hold its breath while I solve all the problems. I don’t have answers to all the questions and that is the reason I hire people smarter than me.

I expect my people to offer data driven opinions. I expect them to be passionate about the journey that we are on and help me chart the course. I expect them to tell me that ship needs work before it charts that course.

Every leader worth her salt feels this way.

For the first time ever, everyone in an organization-not just the boss-is expected to lead.

Seth Godin

So go ahead my friend, step up and express your opinions. This is how you build rapport with your peers, leaders and blossom into a leader yourself.