Finding Solace in Gratitude—The Birth of My Online Meditation Course

Finding Solace in Gratitude—The Birth of My Online Meditation Course
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Beating Stress, Anxiety, and Finding Joy

Last November (2023), amidst the festive spirit, I wanted to give back and embarked on a journey I hadn't anticipated. It began with me offering an online beginner meditation retreat—a small gesture to share meditation's profound and life-changing benefits during the holiday season. Little did I know this course would pave the way for an enriching experience that extended beyond my expectations.

My First Meditation Retreat: Using Gratitude to Meditate

The retreat was offered on Zoom and ran for about three weeks. I offered it in two time zones: India and the US. My India retreat had a smaller audience and included my sister-in-law, who gave me feedback on what worked and what didn't, which I tailored for the US course.

Her comment that she has done many courses, but my approach took her away deeper than any other meditation course, inspired me to see if I could take the approach elsewhere.

Presenting Meditation Sessions at India Community Center

That was going to be the end of the retreat. However, something unexpected happened.

I was invited to conduct a few classes at the India Community Center (ICC), a vibrant community hub for seniors in the Bay Area. I found myself presenting to a couple of different cohorts.

This group holds a special place in my heart because my parents have been going here for the last few years.

The ICC caters to Indians, and most attendees are parents of Indians who have moved to the US. This group is navigating the challenges of moving to the US in their 60s, and the biggest challenge is adjusting to the disconnected life in the US. They make this sacrifice to stay close to their children. The age group ranges from 60+, but it is a very active group determined to make the best use of their time.

What's impressive about this set of people is their openness to try the flavor of new things.

My First In-Person Meditation Class

I have never presented a meditation class live. I have spoken at large venues plenty of times, and a presentation deck has always guided people's attention. The difference is that you hold people's attention when their eyes are closed and their minds run haywire.

It is a challenging task. I have a new appreciation for the Gurus out of India :-).

The task was daunting—guiding 50-75 people to meditate for an hour, many of whom found it difficult to focus for just a few minutes.

To my pleasant surprise, the sessions were incredibly well-received. The participants, with their rich tapestry of experiences and wisdom, embraced meditation with open hearts.

A question that consistently emerged from online and in-person events was, "Do you have an online course?"

My first meditation course: Leaning in on Gratitude for Meditation

Taking this feedback to heart, I've developed a course. It's a culmination of lessons learned from my practices, challenges overcome, and the joy of connecting with oneself on a profound level.

If you grapple with stress or anxiety or seek a more profound sense of happiness and gratitude, I invite you to explore what I've created. It's designed not just for those new to meditation but also for anyone looking to enrich their practice and manage the complexities of modern life, especially in the high-pressure tech world.

In crafting this course, I aimed to share the transformative power of gratitude. Gratitude is a bridge to a more mindful, stress-free, and joyful life.

Why yet another meditation course?
Meditation is a great way to deal with stress. Most meditation courses ask you to be mindful, which most people interpret as "STOP ALL THOUGHTS." This is a disastrous approach, where they are fighting their minds—a battle that cannot be won.

I know it because I did it for a number of years.

Gratitude is the easiest (hack?) way to meditate, especially when it comes to beating stress. When I discovered this path, I couldn't believe how easy meditation became.

I have split the course over three weeks. Three weeks is short enough to stay energized trying something new and long enough to get an authentic flavor of an approach.

From the course site:

  • Week 1: Embracing the Body: A Grateful Journey. Begin your journey with a deep dive into body gratitude. Engage in a comprehensive body scan meditation, expressing thanks for each part of your body and acknowledging its unique functions. This week lays the foundation for recognizing and appreciating the physical self.
  • Week 2: Consciousness Within—Exploring Inner Spaces. Touching Transcendence". Delve into the profound spaces within your body, focusing on the microscopic and the vastness within. This week's meditation encourages reaching a deeper consciousness by acknowledging the 'empty' spaces within the physical body.
  • Week 3: Using Chakras and Gratitude to go deeper. We will learn about Chakras and how they can be used as a super-effective tool to practice meditation. Adding gratitude to Chakras is a potent practice. Culminate your journey by integrating loving-kindness into your gratitude practice. Embrace unconditional love and deep, empathetic understanding in your meditations, bringing together all elements of gratitude from the previous weeks.

As we continue to navigate the ebbs and flows of life, let us remember the power of gratitude, the strength found in ourselves, and the peace that comes from within.

The path starts here for those ready to embark on this journey. The course is available on two sites:

I would love it if you could forward someone you think can benefit.